Video ID: 024 Title: Spring Sky: Afternoon to Night with Blossoming Hawthorne

Intense pink blossoming Hawthorne trees are in continual wind-blown movement as the cumulus clouds float overhead in a spring-blue sky. The Hawthorne trees come in and out of dramatic shadow as passing clouds cover the sun.

About an hour into this sequence, the cumulus clouds go through a brief period of rapid internally-uniform expansion that increases their size while simultaneously preserving the details of their form. As late afternoon progresses, a period of mostly blue sky is followed by distinctly different cloud patterns.

As the sun sets, the blossoming Hawthorne is lit by intense filtered red light and then the clouds. Finally the last clouds of the day dissolve into the deepening dusky blue night sky and, with the disappearance of wind, night is framed by absolutely still Hawthorne silhouettes.